When someone has given so much of himself through the years, it's hard to find the way to say thanks. But for all the times you took the time, for all the sacrifices you've made, and for all the wonderful memories you've given our family
- Thank you.
You'll always be loved very much

Joseph A. Harrington Sr. 12/16/1942 ~ 01/01/2005

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Hey Everyone,

I am sorry that I haven't put any new pictures up. It isn't that I don't have any, because I do, it is just that I have been working hard on my other sites. Hopefully, I will get Allinfavor.com transformed and up soon and finish the pages that need to be added to TheInvitationDepot.com so I can get some more pictures up on this site.

Christmas 2005

Medeiros Reunions


John and Amy Cota's
March 11, 2006


My 40th

Haley Elizabeth


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